Thursday, April 26, 2012

Welcome to Money-Making Mommy! (or daddy, or teen, or college student, or struggling post-grad...)

If you ever find yourself aimlessly surfing websites or playing games on the internet, you should know that this is time being wasted -- you can be adding to your income instead! I wish I'd known years ago that my computer is an easy way to earn money... I wouldn't have spent so many hours just clicking around on Facebook and Pinterest. :) Companies take their products and advertising seriously, and they're more than willing to pay for our opinions, for watching ads, reading emails, etc. There is no free money out there on the internet, but there's plenty of EASY money, and I'll tell you how to get it right here.

You're five minutes away!

Let's get started!

First, create an email account that you will use just for these sites. This way when you sign up for offers, you won't get spam in your "real" email account. I like to use Yahoo! Mail because they're great at filtering junk mail, so your inbox will be filled with offers and paid emails.

Next, follow the links below. It would really help for you to sign up as my referral, so if you join a site, please make sure it is by clicking these links! In return, many sites will give you a bonus for signing up under me, and I will be available to answer any questions you have, give you tips on earning more, etc.

Please note that every one of these panels are free to join -- no credit card information is required.

Here it is!

My Favorite Paid Sites

There is a LOT of money to be made here -- I've cashed out hundreds of dollars, and I consider myself to be a casual user. See my post below for more info.
Inbox Dollars
Another favorite of mine. See post below.
If you do any online shopping, you HAVE to join this one! When you use ShopAtHome to click through to a site and make a purchase, you get cash back deposited into an account. Reach $25 and they send you a check. They also have coupon codes you can use. I like to buy things I need anyway -- like toiletries at or Christmas presents at -- and get some of that money back.

Buy something through ShopAtHome within 60 days after you sign up and you will get $5 in your account for FREE.
Similar to ShopAtHome, but they always have a list of featured sites with increased or double cash back. I go back and forth between Ebates and SAH to find the best coupon codes; and if a store isn't available through one site, I check the other.

This site has a little -- make that a LOT -- of everything... surveys, quizzes, tasks, grocery coupons, paid shopping, and on and on. Cash-out at $10!

...and more!
Leave your email address in the comments section or send it to for private invitations to more of my favorite paid-to sites.

The Proof is in the Mailbox

These are just a few of the checks I've received, including the $40 in gift cards my husband got just for trying out the Gillette Fusion ProGlide razor (with free can of shaving cream!).

Just a few of the checks I've gotten for

working at home with my girls by my side.

Testing FREE Products

Through these sites, I've also received tons of full-sized products that I not only got for free but got PAID to use. Just in the past week I've received a full-sized box of Cheerios, a package of Keebler Fudge Stripe cookies, and four containers of Gerber baby food in the mail! When you're taking surveys, you never know when they're going to offer to send you the product to test -- it's one of my favorite perks of the "job." :) I've received everything from Gillette razors and Tide detergent to diapers and Kraft macaroni & cheese. It feels really good to feed my family a meal that I not only got for FREE but got PAID to eat.

Any of the surveys you take at the sites listed above could be one that gets you free stuff!

Why I'm Here -- To tell you that CashCrate WORKS!

I started this blog because I know there are a lot of people out there like me -- I don't know much about building websites or starting an online business, but I knew there was money to be made on the internet. While my daughter took her afternoon nap, I started trying some of those free survey sites out there. Through trial and error (and quite a few naps!), I figured out which sites work and which are a waste of time. I'll save you time and tell you -- CASH CRATE WORKS.

What I did was start a "dummy" email -- one that I use only for this site. I started signing up for easy offers, taking the daily surveys, and even getting paid just to sign in every day. I get cash back for shopping at the listed websites (including Wal-Mart) and sign up for free trials like Netflix, then cancel within the allotted time, get the free service, and still keep the money CashCrate pays me.

The money keeps adding up! I referred my husband, and every time he makes money, I make money too. CashCrate has an AMAZING referral program that allows you to maximize your earnings by recruiting others to join. This is by far the best way to make money on CashCrate. If you put in a little work to get referrals, you will get back a hundredfold what you put into it. I literally log in and see how much money has added up while I was sleeping.

$10 Credit at + FREE SHIPPING

In addition to the get-paid-to sites, there are also sites that save you money when you buy online. I do a lot of my shopping online, particularly for household items like laundry soap and baby food, because they have a huge selection of items you might not find locally, with customer reviews to help you decide between brands. Combine coupon codes, sales, free shipping deals, etc. and watch the price go down, down, down!

Right now if you join, you will get a FREE $10 CREDIT, which will get you far on this site! And today only, there is FREE SHIPPING on orders of $25 or more. You will also get two FREE SAMPLES with your order, which you can choose from a long list of things from vitamins to eye cream.

Some of my favorite products on sale right now:
  • Tom's of Maine Fluoride-Free Children's Natural Toothpaste, Silly Strawberry flavor - $3.16/tube
  • Calbee Snack Salad Baked Snapea Crisps (yummy snack!) - $1.41/bag
  • Seventh Generation Natural Dish Liquid Lavender Floral and Mint - $2.42/bottle
  • Seventh Generation Toilet Bowl Cleaner Emerald Cypress and Fir - $3.15/bottle

Have fun building a box of great deals delivered right to your door!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I'm excited to tell you about... INBOX DOLLARS!

The longer I do this "make money from home" thing, the more awesome sites I find, and the easier it gets to pay my bills each month. The latest site I've really gotten into is Inbox Dollars. It's similar to CashCrate, but you also get paid for watching short videos and to "read emails"... which means just scroll to the bottom of them and click "Confirm." Then you make bonus cash if you complete the offer in the email. The offers confirm quickly, and the money really adds up.

Another great feature is that you can print coupons -- the same name-brand coupons offered at, etc. -- and get paid 10 cents for every one you redeem. So you actually get PAID for SAVING MONEY. I was already a coupon-clipper, so this is an awesome feature. There is something for everybody in their huge list of coupons, and a whole new set of coupons becomes available every month.

I'm providing a referral link for you so you can start earning, too.

Sign up through my Inbox Dollars link 
and receive $5 for FREE!

CashCrate is for YOU

I was a part-time employee and full-time housewife looking to make a extra cash for those months when money is tight. I've read lots of rave reviews that this program has also been great for:
  • Middle or high school students - CashCrate accepts age 13 & up
  • Broke college students... and struggling grad students
  • Stay-at-home moms (or dads!)
  • Unemployed or laid-off employees
  • Fans of other paid online survey sites looking for a new favorite site
  • Savvy businesspeople who can make hundreds of $$$ with referrals!


Sign up now & start making money immediately!